Kappo Rin focuses on both cooked and raw items prepared to highlight the inherent flavors of ingredients. Kappo Rin strictly adheres to the regulations stipulated by the Hong Kong government pertaining to importation of produce from Japan.

The word “kappo” simply means ‘to cut and to cook,’ and is a multi-course meal offering a cuisine that celebrates the proximity between the diner and the chef.


Our Japanese kappo chefs arrived to Hong Kong after distinguished careers in Japan at the nation’s finest traditional Japanese restaurants. They are masters of numerous cooking methods and appreciate the seasonality and quality of ingredients, as well as the importance of presentation and sequence of each dish in the meal. Kappo Rin is able to source the world’s best quality ingredients providing guests with the pinnacle of kappo style experiences, whilst strictly following the regulations stipulated by the Hong Kong Government. Kappo Rin offers seasonal Japanese dishes served in an elegant, calm and sensorial 8-seat setting.

Experience the epitome of Japanese culinary artistry at Kappo Rin, where Head Chef Masaru Furukawa showcases his 15 years of expertise in fine dining Japanese cuisine. Hailing from Miyagi, Chef Furukawa honed his skills under renowned Michelin-starred restaurants in Tokyo. He brings his passion to Hong Kong with a commitment to offering an interactive and engaging counter dining experience, utilizing the finest ingredients to create a constantly evolving menu rooted in traditional techniques. Chef Furukawa takes tremendous pride in each dish and looks forward to the connection that can be achieved between himself, and the guests seated at his counter.